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Does your company need to translate English to French Canadian? If your company is in the Voice-over field, languages should not be a barrier to effective communication.

Access Translation Services has more than 20 years of experience providing translations, desktop publishing, voice-overs, localization and software engineering to the Voice-over field.

We translate English to French Canadian for the Voice-over field with FAST turnaround!

No project is too small, too large, or too complex for us.

Access Translation Services has served our clients around the world in the Voice-over field, from small to large corporations like Lockheed Martin, IBM, ABC News, Motorola, Digital Equipment Corporation, Mitsubishi, Daihatsu, among others.

In addition to providing translation services for the Voice-over field, we provide translation services for any field in French Canadian and up to 85 languages, including:

  • English to / from Spanish
  • English to / from German,
  • English to / from Portuguese,
  • English to / from French
  • English to / from Italian
  • English to / from Chinese,
  • English to / from Japanese,
  • English to / from Russian,
  • English to / from Arabic
  • English to / from Russian,
  • English to / from Hebrew,
  • English to / from Haitian Creole, etc...

Our native-speaking language professionals who translate English to French Canadian, have degrees and years of experience in the subjects they translate and provide Voice-over companies with translations of technical, medical, and human resources manuals, technical specs, brochures, catalogs, sales presentations, reports, and legal agreements.

Your project price will be fully quoted in advance and your deadline respected.

We invite companies to visit our main page and view our list of translation services available.

Advertising and Marketing Automotive Industry
E-Learning and Training Material Localization Energy Gas and Oil
Engineering and Technical Financial and Banking
State, Federal and Local Government Health Care, Medical, and Pharmaceuticals
Human Resources Legal
Multilingual Solutions for Wholesalers and Distributors Multilingual Desktop Publishing
Multimedia Localization Travel and Tourism

We offer many other French Canadian translation services for the Voice-over field and a complete list of our can be found on our services page

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